Ha ha ha! Christmas is almost here and now that it’s over, a man can make sure Santa brings delightful gifts for the special lady of his life. Of course, sometimes Santa is too shy to give a woman some gifts, so it’s up to the man to step up and take charge of any sex toys (mytoyfirst.com/suction-cup-dildos) that might please his special woman – so can the pleasure of giving his favorite to improve the health of his penis body parts. There are all kinds of “naughty” gifts that can be slipped into stockings, but for those who need a little guidance, the following should help.

Make it vibrate

If a woman is completely uninterested in sex toys, it’s hard to go wrong with a vibrator. For novices who have never experienced the joys of vibrating titillation, it may be wise to start small – something like a tiny wand may be a good choice, or a vibrating egg. Those more experienced in this area may welcome something bigger and more substantial.

Even though Santa may have handed her the vibrator, don’t forget that sharing is an important part of the Christmas spirit. The interested person should invite his partner to apply the vibrator to his penis and other sensitive areas so that they can both benefit from the toy.

Let it penetrate

Vibrating stimulation is pleasurable, but many women may prefer non-electronic devices for penetration purposes. As with vibrators, dildos (www.mytoyfirst.com/dildos) come in a variety of sizes (with some variations on the basic shape of the penis)-not to mention colors. Determine which style is right for lady love, then try it out.

Of course, there are other penetrative options. For example, a string of balls (sometimes of varying sizes) of Ben Wa balls is one of the most popular sex toys (mytoyfirst.com/double-ended-dildos).

Many men are reluctant to encourage women to use a penetrative apparatus, especially one that looks brighter in size or shape than their own penis. However, most women prefer to use these devices as an “add-on” toy rather than a substitute for the real thing.

Let it slide

Many couples use lube on sex toys or their own personal playthings, so why not consider adding a little fun here? Some lubricants are scented or smelled, and assuming no partner has an allergic reaction to it, this addition can make sex more fun and interesting.

Let it roll

Dice as a sex toy? Absolutely. Some manufacturers make dice that replace numbers with sex positions in one location (missionary, dog, etc.) and another location (bedroom, kitchen, etc.). Of course, a couple can simply list the meaning of each number to create their own, and they can personalize it as needed. (one = kiss my right thigh, two = rub my sex organ with lube, etc.)

Letting go

Some male masturbation toys are helpful in releasing inner desire – handcuffs, whips, leather restraints, etc. However, it is always recommended that you discuss them beforehand to avoid embarrassing reactions on Christmas morning.

Santa Claus can bring delightfully naughty sex toys, but a man needs to make sure his own sex toys are in good condition before introducing them to a partner. Regular use of top penis health creams (health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for the skin) can help you significantly. Make sure it looks handsome – no cracking, flaking or dry skin – by adding powerful moisturizers like vitamin E and shea butter to the cream. It’s even better if the cream also contains vitamin B5; this vitamin is essential for cellular metabolism and proper maintenance of healthy penile tissue.